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Trends With Benefits

Dec 30, 2016

Should Amazon share Alexa's information with Law Enforcement, the Amazon Mothership patent; CES 2017 Preview

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Ashley Zagst, Nick Mokey, Caleb Denison and Greg Nibler.

Our topics this week:

  • Should Amazon share Alexa's information with Law Enforcement?: A murder case in Arkansas is garnering national attention, due to the use of Smart Home devices. Police are petitioning Amazon to release information from an Echo device because it may harbor information relating to the crime. Should Amazon comply?

  • Amazon patents a flying warehouse: It's no secret that Amazon wants drone deliveries to happen. They have now added a patent for a flying blimp-like warehouse that would float above events, sending down drones for order-to-hand delivery, within minutes. Is this plan actually plausible and would you order from it?

  • Preview of CES 2017: Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show brings us some surprises in tech. We'll give you our rundown of what to expect, what could be the breakout technology and a preview of the extensive coverage you'll get from Digital Trends.

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