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Trends With Benefits

Dec 18, 2015

On this episode we discuss Star Wars (no spoilers!), new developments in AR/VR and NASA's great leaps forward.

This episode is 100% Star Wars spoiler free! It doesn't mean we aren't excited about it, though.

Microsoft has announced that if you are in New York at the HoloLens Experience Showcase for Developers, you can now get your hands on the augmented reality device. Jeremy Kaplan was at Microsoft's flagship store to test them out. The verdict? It is amazing!

Brad then proceeds to fill us in on some of the exciting developments in the world of Virtual Reality. He sat down with David Bowman, Director of Production at Crytek, and tried out their new game, The Climb. Gaming development is going to be key to the success of Oculus (and all VR) and the potential is great. He explains what it's like testing out this new game.

Having enough space to fully utilize VR is definitely going to be an issue. Not a lot of people have an entire room that they can dedicate to it. Andy Boxall recently tested out Nvidia's Everest with an HTC Vive, which showcases a great example of trying to overcome this problem. (Check out the article here).

A company called Virtuix is attempting to remedy the space requirements for VR, with their Omni VR Treadmill. It involves a trampoline-like setup that utilizes special shoes. It looks a little silly, but it allows users to have complete movement in a virtual world.

Moving on from VR, NASA has had an exciting year. They have received a $1.3 billion increase for their 2016 budget! This is huge and shows that their recent success is being noticed. Is it just the thrilling new photos of planets, or is it also because of the push for the commercialization of space?

NASA also announced that they are opening up public applications to become an Astronaut. There will be a need for hundreds of new employees, as they increase their plans for space exploration. Would you be willing to travel for years in space? Some of us would.

Today's episode features Brad Bourque, Ryan Waniata, Rick Stella and Greg Nibler.

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