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Trends With Benefits

Dec 11, 2015

On this episode we discuss Chat Rooms, Apple Live TV, Netflix content, Go Pro Karma, Drone Nets, Apple Watch and Text Grammar.

Apple announced it is suspending plans to develop live internet TV service indefinitely. Giving up seems like a very un-Apple thing to do. We discuss the state of streaming television and while some are failing, others are thriving. (Netflix is killing it!)

Go Pro has finally announced that their new drone will be released sometime next year. It's going to be a quadcopter, called "Karma". There isn't a lot of information on it yet, but it's bound to be a huge seller.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, meanwhile, has announced their plan to fight unwanted and suspicious-looking UAVs. They are setting up a special anti-drone unit that will use...bigger drones with nets. There needs to be a new Netflix series based on this premise.

A listener on Periscope also asked us about the new Apple Watch. Jeff goes over some of the rumors and what he would like to see improved, in the new version.

Finally, we cover the ever changing rules of communication. There is a study released that stated leaving a period, leads people to believe the texter is being passive-aggressive. Multiple can also be misinterpreted......

Today's episode features Caleb Denison, Drew Prindle, Jeffrey Van Camp and Greg Nibler.

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