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Trends With Benefits

Oct 23, 2015

Today's episode features Caleb Denison, Matt Smith, Drew Prindle & Greg Nibler. 

The Microsoft Surface Pro is coming out in a few days and Matt got his hands on one early. In our "live" review, it's overall a pretty exciting product, minus a few...issues.

Taking a question from a listener tweet, we then take a look at the future of VR. In particular, we talk about some of the less expensive options that are coming out. From Google Cardboard, to Homido and many others, there are lot of products out there. But, if you're going to go with a VR system, would it be better to just wait for the Gear VR and Oculus coming out within the next few months?

HBO's CEO, Richard Plepler, recently made a bold statement regarding the lack of partners for HBO Now. Many of their traditional cable partners are reluctant, or outright refusing to allow the standalone service on their platforms. His argument; it would help them all to make more money. 

In a combination of tech we haven't really thought about until now, we discuss 3D printings and....dentistry! Researchers from the Netherlands claim to have developed a way to create artificial teeth that repel microbes at a molecular level. Of course, this leads to discussion of the future of grills.

Leeds University has a robotics research team currently working on a fleet of civil service robots. The robots will be divided into 3 categories: Perch and Repair; Perceive and Patch; and Fire and Forget. Fire and Forget could be one of the most terrifying terms ever.

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