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Trends With Benefits

Oct 2, 2015

Today's episode features Matt Smith, Brandon Widder, Caleb Denison & Greg Nibler. We also broadcast the show live on Periscope. Follow @DigitalTrends to be alerted when we go live or send in questions ahead of time to

We start off by discussing the Lynx Smart Grill, which it the BBQ that Caleb has been testing out. Is it cheating? Maybe a little...but it's still really amazing.

From there we move on to Google's big announcements from this week, starting off with the new phones in the Nexus line. Their new smaller LG-made Nexus 5X and the Huawei-made 6P look to be big improvements over previous versions. With better cameras and screens, come higher prices.

Google also announced two brand new Chromecast options, one of which is a new device that will work with standard speakers, called Chromecast Audio. Caleb is not sold on it's viability, but it could help out people not looking to make the full modern upgrade to their home audio system.

The updated version of the standard Chromecast, looks to be a lot nicer. It has a better appearance, upgraded specs and runs a lot faster than the original.

Tivo takes it further with their new Bolt option. It's a little pricey to get in the door, but we'll give you some tips on how to skip paying a few extra cable charges with it. Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV also have new boxes coming out very soon.

Finally, we discuss Mars. This week NASA announced the existence of flowing briny water on the surface. They also announced the winner of their 3D Printed Habitat Challenge, which was made by a company called Search Consortium and Clouds AO. Their design would essentially make Martian Igloos for future explorers to live in. Which leads to the question; Would you be willing to go?

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