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Trends With Benefits

Jul 29, 2016

Topics: Apple invests in AR, Updated Playstation and XBox, Flyboard Air goes military, Solar Impulse 2 goes around the world.

The huge success of Pokémon Go appears to be kickstarting Apple's foray into Augmented Reality. With the new iPhone 7 coming out on September 12th and a billion devices already in possession of...

Jul 22, 2016

Topics: Pokémon Go is making billions, Sony Z series television, Cardinal Robotics security drone, Amazon Prime Air delivery strategy, the Modobag motorized luggage.

Our special guest on today's episode is comedian Nariko Ott. Nariko just won Helium Comedy Club's Portland's Funniest Person competition. He beat about...

Jul 15, 2016

Topics: Pokémon Go everywhere, Future of AR, HoloLens, New use for drones, AI Harry Potter, classic Nintendo comeback.

Pokémon Go is absolutely unavoidable, over this last week. Between people wandering into traffic, getting into accidents, getting robbed and even finding dead bodies, it seems the world has gone...

Jul 8, 2016

Topics: Pokemon Go, Tesla Autopilot issues, digitally growing drones, VR porn festival, VR at the Olympics, K5 Security Robot.

We start the show off today, with Brad explaining his new fascination with new mobile game, Pokemon Go. While many of us have not actually played Pokemon before, he makes a good case...

Jul 1, 2016

Topics: Laser Bazooka, iPhone 7 rumors, King of TV competition at CE Week, Smart Billboards, and an escaping Russian Robot.

Owning a laser gun is probably something we have all dreamed about as some point. YouTube personality Drake Anthony, known as Styropyro, is someone who has actually done it. He's posted...