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Trends With Benefits

Nov 25, 2015

On this episode we discuss Black Friday deals, drone regulations, Star Wars/Google and Amazon lands a rocket.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here and Digital Trends has covered all the great deals. We get into a few of them and ask the all important question: Are you willing to go out and shop in the...

Nov 20, 2015

Today we cover 55k Seinhauser Headphones, Vudu 4k Streaming TV, Bio-Printed Organs, Brain Implants & Sous-Vide Turkey.

After discussing the virtues of Sous-Vide Turkey, Ryan let's us know about his trip to LA. He was there to check out the new $55,000 Morpheus headphones from Sennheiser. No, we probably won't know...

Nov 13, 2015

Today we cover a variety of topics, including T-Mobile's Binge On, YouTube Music, internet privacy and wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

What is like to attend a T-Mobile Press Conference? We find out today from Nick Mokey, as he was at the Binge On announcement earlier this week. Binge On will allow you to stream a number...

Nov 6, 2015

Today we cover a variety of topics, ranging from home internet control, Reddit, bio-clothing, robots, to the "impossible" EmDrive.

Parents now have a new tool to control home internet usage with Circle with Disney. It's a little white box that works with your existing router and allows you to see everything that is...