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Trends With Benefits

Sep 11, 2015

Today's episode features Nick Mokey, Matt Smith, Brad Bourque, Greg Nibler and a surprise appearance from Caleb Denison.   We also broadcast live on Periscope taking your questions throughout the show!  Follow @DigitalTrends to be alerted when we go live or send in questions ahead of time to

First off we cover the iPhone 6S.  While it won't look any different in the appearance category, there are actually some pretty fascinating developments with it.  We discuss the virtues of 4K video, the 3D Touch, Live Photo and the issues of memory storage.

Then we move on to analyzing the iPad Pro.  Is bigger actually going to be better?  Matt has a theory that this is Apple's attempt to take iOS into mainstream computing.  Can this new tablet actually take the place of your regular desktop/laptop computer?  

There is also the competition with Microsoft's Surface Pro 3.  Brad discusses his new article at and, that people seem to have.

Caleb Denison then sashays in for an impromtpu review of Apple TV.  The verdict:  He is excited!  This appears to be something that Apple is doing in the right way, from the new controller, to improved SIRI and there is a lot to talk about concerning it's potential.

Finally, we announce that a new DT Contributor is running for President!  You'll have to listen to find out who.  Or maybe you already know.

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