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Trends With Benefits

Sep 4, 2015

Today's episode features Ryan Waniata, Drew Prindle, Bill Roberson & Greg Nibler.   We also broadcast live on Periscope taking your questions throughout the show!  Follow @DigitalTrends to be alerted when we go live or send in questions ahead of time to

We start off the show with an update on IFA.  It opens to the public on September 5th, but DT is there getting to see everything first.  One of the biggest stories?  LG has unveiled their new 4K UHD OLED TV, the EF9500.  The new television has the ability to process HDR and all around is looking pretty damn amazing.  Plus, Panasonic is now elbowing into the market with their new CZ950.  OLED is definitely the future of display and it seems like it's finally ready to start branching out.

Along the lines of 4K, Sony has unveiled their new Experia Z5 Smartphone which boasts a 4K screen.  With the advent of everything having the ability to view 4K, will the content creators be able to keep pace?

T-Mobile has been making a lot of waves lately, thanks to their entertaining and possibly eccentric CEO, John Legere.  There is no denying he isn't your average company head, but he's also making some very good points regarding Mobile Carriers.  Plus, he's letting the public vote on how he will troll the other companies.  Who doesn't love that!?

Next up; THE STAR WARS TOYS ARE OUT!  Yes, that deserved all-caps because they are looking incredible.  From the BB-8 Droid that you can control with your phone, to the Millenium Falcon and X-Wing drones, Disney/Star Wars is set to break records before the movie even comes out.  

We round out the show with discussion of a DIY Helicopter and the possible future of MMA-style fighting, in Unified Weapons.

All along the way we take questions and comments from live Periscope viewers, as well!

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