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Trends With Benefits

Aug 14, 2015

Today's episode features Ian Bell, Caleb Denison, Kyle Wiggers, Eric from Pear Buds & Greg Nibler.   Of course we also were live on Periscope taking your questions throughout the show!  Follow @DigitalTrends to be alerted when we go live or send in questions ahead of time to

We started off with Kyle updating us on the biggest news from Samsung Unpacked.  The Galaxy Note 5, the viability of Phablets and the new Samsung Pay are all discussed.  

Then we have a special guest!  Eric from Pear Buds ( talks about their new incredible product.  Bluetooth ear buds are something we all want, but no company has succesfully been able to bring a great product to the market.  It sounds like Pair Buds has figured it out!  He goes into detail about their new Kickstarter campaign.

Next we switch gears to Robots.  iRobot has received permission from the FCC to use radio signals in it's new Lawnmowing Robot.  Seriously.  A Robot with moving blades running around your lawn.

Also, MIT has developed a slightly less threatening, mobile Robot Bartender.  It will take your orders and bring you your drinks in a crowded bar, all on it's own.  Could iZac from Futurama be a reality?

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