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Trends With Benefits

Aug 6, 2015

Today's episode features Bill Roberson, Drew Prindle, Brad Bourque, Rick Stella & Greg Nibler.   Of course we also were live on Periscope taking your questions throughout the show!  Follow @DigitalTrends to be alerted when we go live or send in questions ahead of time to

Following up on last week's release of Windows 10, we discuss some of the issues that some people are having.  (Those people with issues include Greg)  Brad tells us why this is happening and the answer is actually pretty surprising.

Is someone watching you via your webcam?  Be paranoid!  Or not.  More and more people are reporting scams and hacking of cams though.  There is a simple solution to make sure you're safe from unwanted viewers when you aren't using your webcam, if you don't mind looking a little dorky.

Next, Lexus finally unveiled a full video and picture set of their new hoverboard.  You can see it all at and it looks impressive!  But, is this anything that can actually turn into a product?  Or is it just a great publicity stunt for something else?

Airbus has taken out a patent on a commercial hypersonic jet that they claim could take you from New York to London in 1 hour!  We may not ever see it in action, but the idea is fantastic.

Finally, we wrap it up with some good old-fashioned drone talk.  A drone was recently caught dropping illegal drugs into a prison rec yard.  Of course chaos ensued, which leads us to think about what else drones could be used for.

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