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Trends With Benefits

Jul 31, 2015

Today's episode features a full cast of Jeffrey Van Camp, Brandon Widder, Matt Smith, Ben Lundin & Greg Nibler.  We got "nerdy" right off the bat, with an indepth review of Windows 10!  As usual, we were also live on Periscope taking your questions.

Matt Smith, Computing Editor at Digital Trends (self-proclaimed Abacus expert), has been hands on with Windows 10 from the beginning.  There is a lot of excitement about the new OS from Microsoft, but I think a little apprehension (see Windows 8 users).  Matt lets us know the ins and outs and whether or not it would be enough to convince an Apple user to make the switch!

Next we switch gears and talk about another tech product that Lexus is working on.  It's called Luminor paint and it is a paint like substance that responds to electrical current.  They strapped up a driver with a wireless heart monitor and all of a sudden you've got paint that changes colors and patterns based on your heartbeat!  What does this mean for future endeavors and actual use of this product on the roads?  Also, how soon before you get ads popping up on it.....

Then we moved on to the always popular topic of drones.  Amazon has been advocating the use of drone deliveries for quite some time and they are now taking it to another level.  In meetings with NASA, they have come up with a proposal on how to regulate drone vs. human airspace.

Finally, we get into another selfie drone being devloped by Samsung.  Are drones going to take the place of actually talking to real people?

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