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Trends With Benefits

Jul 24, 2015

Today's episode features Caleb Denison, Drew Prindle, Nick Mokey & Greg Nibler.  Today we covered ESPN woes, the advent of drones and flying cars.  We also broadcast live on Periscope at 2:30 every Thursday, taking your questions!

In the first topic, we cover the recent woes of ESPN.  They've reportedly lost over 3 million subscribers recently.  Is it because of their lack of a standalone streaming App?  Or is it because they've stretched themselves too far? 

Next we jump topics and switch to drones.  In particular....DRONES WITH GUNS.  An 18-Year Old in Connecticut recently posted a video of his drone firing a gun.  The FAA is investigating, but is it really illegal on his private property?  What does this mean for the future of home-modified drones and how could you stop it?

In the less terrifying, but maybe a little more lazy, we discuss the AguaDrone.  This drone comes with a Fish Finder, a camera and the ability to take your line out over the water and drop it right where the fish is.  Kind of cheating...and probably annoying to fellow fishers.  Maybe drones with guns do have a purpose...

Taking a question from Periscope, we cover the Amazon drone deliveries.  There is a lot of potential for this.  What if you could get a burrito delivered in 10 minutes?  Assuming it didn't have a gun, we are in!

Finally, the future promised in the Jetsons may be on the horizon!  Terrafugia (sorry if we mispronounce it) has developed an actual hybrid flying car/plane.  Will flying cars going to lead to Air-Rage?

Also, Caleb gives his thoughts on Paragliders and don't chug the raspberry beer.

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