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Trends With Benefits

Jul 17, 2015

Today's episode features Caleb Denison, Drew Prindle, Ryan Waniata & Greg Nibler.  We covered a lot of Kickstarter and DIY products.  We also broadcast live on Periscope at 2:30 every Thursday, taking your questions!

To begin with we do clarify that while Greg did get a speeding ticket, he is not in fact a serial killer.  Supposedly.

In the first real topic, we cover the saga of The Dot.  The Dot is a tiny bluetooth in-ear headphone that actually is quite incredible.  However, despite surging to a huge amount of support on it's Kickstarter debut, it was quickly taken down.  Was the feedback legitmate, or was this another example of trolls ruining good things?

The Pacific Northwest (where this podcast is recorded) has been in the news a lot, in relation to the potential of a huge earthquake.  Brinco is a company that claims to offer a bit of help in preparing for the inevitable.  

Taking a question from Periscope, Caleb and Ryan discuss the "best TV on the market", per their expert opinions.  The TV's they discuss sound amazing!

Drew fills us in on Boeing's new patent for a laser-powered nuclear fusion engine design.  While it's just a patent, if this were to go forward, it could revolutionize....well, everything.

In at potential triumph for a DIY project that no one knew they needed, we then discuss the Hot Tub Hammock!  It is exactly as it sounds and we all want to give our money to them.

To round out the show, we discuss the virtues of Bacon-flavored Seaweed.

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