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Trends With Benefits

Nov 10, 2017

Uber Flying Taxis: Announced at the Web Summit in Portugal, Uber has added Los Angeles as a test city for it's "Elevate" flying taxi program. The goal is to deploy the aircraft on top of buildings, so that they essentially never touch solid ground.

Will you ride in a driver-less vehicle?: Las Vegas has been touting it's impending use of an autonomous shuttle for a while now. It's finally debuted into an accident within one hour. Digital Trends had a reporter riding in the vehicle when it happened!

World's First AI Citizen: Saudi Arabia has bestowed citizenship upon an "android", named Sophia. The interview she gave afterward gave some insights to where AI has made it in, so far. The results are a little unnerving, but is this what needs to happen as we prepare for our fellow android citizens?

Each week, we gather a round table of tech experts from the Digital Trends staff, along with the occasional celebrity guest, to discuss all things tech. Topics range from the big tech stories of the week to predicting the future, all while maintaining a somewhat civil decorum. Throughout the show we answer your questions.

This week's episode features Marie Pardo-Garber, Rick Stella, Caleb Denison and Greg Nibler.