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Trends With Benefits

May 19, 2017

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Nick Mokey, Brandon Widder, Holly Smith and Greg Nibler.

  • Google I/O: As expected, Google is announcing some bold new plans at their annual Google I/O conference. Included are new plans for Google Home, Chromecast integration and something called Google Lens, which will allow your camera to instantly overlay information about what it sees.

  • Microsoft Hololens: The Hololens has been highly anticipated ever since it was announced by Microsoft. We may be seeing a new use of it, by New Zealand Air, whose Flight Attendants will be testing out the product in order to help serve customer's needs. 

  • Cryonic Freezing Perk: A company in Silcon Valley, called Numerai is adding a new benefit to their employee packages; the ability to undergo Cryonic Freezing, upon death! This is pretty unique, to say the least. Would this persuade you and would you want to be frozen?

  • Skydiving from a Drone: A Latvian drone-designer has posted a video showing a Skydiver using one of their Drones to fly a 1000 feet up in the air and then jump off of it! What other uses will we soon find for Drones and more importantly, would you jump?

  • Electronic Drone Fence: Apparently in the UK, the use of drones to drop packages to people in prison is a major problem. One such prison has instituted an electronic fence capable of interrupting a drone's signal from it's pilot, up to 2000 feet above the property.

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