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Trends With Benefits

Apr 21, 2017

Google Home; The Future of Food Technology; Facebook VR Spaces; Facebook Brain Interface; Disney's Star Wars-themed Westworld; Personal Jets

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Drew Prindle, Holly Smith, Caleb Denison and Greg Nibler.

  • Google Home: Attempting to get a leg up on the competition, Google Home can now differentiate between the voices of users. This is a huge advantage, in that multiple people can access their personal accounts on one device.

  • The Future of Food Technology: With billions of people on the planet, the advancement of food technology will be more important than ever. That means humans will need to adapt as well. Would you be willing to eat 3D printed meat?

  • Facebook VR Spaces: At the F8 conference this week, Facebook introduced their new interactive platform for VR, called Spaces. It almost seems like a reboot of Second Life, in that you can experience events with friend in an avatar form.

  • Facebook Brain Interface: It sounds like Sci-Fi, but Facebook is in the process of developing ways to “type” by thinking about words. The achievement was even demonstrated at F8 and the possibilities are incredibly far reaching.

  • Is Disney building a Star Wars-themed 'West World'?: Disney's new interactive experience will be a Star Wars spaceport, with your choices determining the outcome of your adventure. At a project $900-1000 per night, would you be willing to stay at a Star Wars West World?

  • Personal Jets: A German company by the name of Lilium Aviation has successfully completed testing on the world's first vertical take off, electric jet. This essentially could put the hands of flying into the general population. If we start dishing out Pilot's Licenses, like Driver's Licenses, how will the FAA adapt?

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