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Trends With Benefits

Apr 14, 2017

Topics: Nintendo cancels the NES Classic; Bixby's delayed roll out; Burger King trolls Google; Apple selfie-drones; Apple biomedical plans; Robot Fight: USA vs Japan.

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Naomi Vo, Caleb Denison, Matt Smith and Greg Nibler.

  • Nintendo cancels the NES Classic: If you didn't already pick up one of the hottest items from last Christmas, you may be out of luck. Nintendo has decided to end production on the popular retro-gaming console. Prices seem to have doubled for existing units, since the announcement.

  • Bixby's delayed roll out: Samsung has announced that English speakers will have to wait until later this spring to use the Bixby AI feature. It will leave an opening for Google to gain a foothold on S8 users phones, but is an AI Assistant a deciding factor for you?

  • Burger King trolls Google Home: Surprisingly, no one had done it yet, but Burger King successfully took advantage of Google Home this week, with a new commercial. By saying “OK Google” and asking a question, the home AI systems read off the ingredients of a Whopper. Naturally Google fixed this shortly after, but what does this mean for marketers going forward?

  • Apple selfie-drones: Apple just purchased the exclusive rights to the Home Camera Passport, a pretty unique rectangle drone. Are you ready for selfie-drones to start showing up everywhere, or will it just be a fad?

  • Apple medical devices: Although the statement that Apple is working with “a small team of biomedical engineers” could sound a little daunting, the potential is amazing. They are working to help rid the dreaded needle-based testing for Diabetics, by scanning the blood through the skin. Are we on the verge of personal Tricorders?

  • ROBOT FIGHT!: Last year a company in Japan accepted the challenge of US-based Megabots, to fight them in a one on one Mech battle. So...who wins? We determine who has the edge so far.

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