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Trends With Benefits

Apr 7, 2017

Xbox Scorpio; iPhone rumors and concepts; Comcast goes mobile; Zunum electric aircraft; Bionic contact lenses.

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Adrien Warner, Caleb Denison, Rick Stella and Greg Nibler.

  • Will project Scorpio revolutionize gaming?: Microsoft has been fairly secretive about it's upcoming console release, with even the name being subject to change. However, they've finally revealed some of the specs for the new system and with 4K gaming, it sounds pretty incredible!

  • New iPhone renderings and rumors: It seems like we get a new iPhone rumor every day, but we also received some new potential renderings and speculation that they may be purchasing OLEDs from Samsung. Also, do you have any recommendations on what to call this thing?

  • Ready to go all-in on Xfinity?: Comcast has announced that soon it's current customers will be able to sign-up for Xfinity Mobile. At $65 per month, using Verizon's cell towers, but pushing you towards WiFi, would you be willing to make the switch?

  • Zunum Aero electric planes: 93% of US Airports are under-served, but this NW company looks to change that. Initially starting as hybrid aircraft, they aim to take local travel into the future.

  • Bio-contact lenses: Engineers at Oregon State are developing an new form of clear transistor that can be incorporated into contact lenses. They would monitor bio-metric data of the user, even down to whether they have ingested any drugs.

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