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Trends With Benefits

Mar 17, 2017

Yahoo security breach; Samsung QLED TVs; Lego Tape; Memphis Meats lab-grown chicken; The fear of self-driving cars; TechfestNW

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Mark L. Zusman, Caleb Denison, Brandon Widder and Greg Nibler.

  • Yahoo security breach: Over 500 million accounts were hacked by Russian spies and their accomplices. While this is a huge number, does it really effect you personally? Are you concerned about safety, or had you long ago abandoned your Yahoo account except for Fantasy Sports?

  • Samsung QLED Televisions: Caleb has just returned from New York, where he learned the details on Samsung's newest line of televisions. There are some genuine innovations with the new line and they will be available much sooner than expected.

  • Lego Tape: The folks at Nimuno Loops have invented something called Toy Block Compatible Adhesive Tape and have received an incredible response to their Indigogo campaign. However, does receiving over 100 times their original asking amount actually bode well for the future of the company?

  • Lab-grown chicken becomes a reality: Memphis Meats has successfully created the chicken and duck grown in a lab, that didn't require slaughtering animals. The process isn't perfect and currently costs around $9000 a pound. By refining the technology they expect to lower the price and have something on the market by 2021. Would you eat it, though?

  • Are we ready for automated cars?: A survey from AAA shows that many of us like the advantages and safety that increasingly automated cars can bring. At the same time, an even greater number of people fear giving up complete control to a self-driving vehicle.

  • TechfestNW: Our special guest today was Mark L. Zusman, founder of Willamette Week and the a great tech festival, TechfestNW. Starting March 23rd, the event features two days of speakers, networking opportunities, demonstrations, competitions and parties. Mark fills us in on some of the highlights of this great event!

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