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Trends With Benefits

Mar 10, 2017

Wikileaks revelations; iPhone 8 rumors; Airbus flying cars; Facebook vs. Snapchat; Shooting down drones; Digital Trends Wallpaper

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Drew Prindle Rick Stella, Holly Smith, Dan Gaul and Greg Nibler.

  • Wikileaks and your devices: The 'Vault 7' release from Wikileaks provided some new revelations into the CIA may be hacking everyday devices. Does this mean you should change what your daily tech routine? A guest appearance by Conspiracy Dan is included in this conversation.

  • iPhone 8: now with home button, going to usb-c? : Another week, another iPhone 8 rumor. Speculation was that the home button may be going away, however, that might not be the case now. Also, is Apple actually going to do have a universal input jack?

  • Airbus gets serious about flying cars: The dream of riding in a flying car is still alive and Airbus announced some bold plans to make it a reality. Not only would you ride in a driverless car, a drone would swoop down and pick you up, carrying you to your destination.

  • Facebook takes on Snapchat Stories: Snap started off a pretty big week with the release of it's IPO. However, Facebook has released an update to messenger that is meant to compete with Snapchat Stories. Is it enough to provide direct competition to Snapchat's dominance?

  • Legally shoot down drones?: A potential law in Oklahoma would remove any civil penalty for someone shooting a drone down over their property. While privacy is a concern with the proliferation of drones, is this the proper way to handle it?

  • Digital Trends Wallpaper: We have some brand new Digital Trends-themed wallpapers available for you. Be sure download one and send a tweet to @digitaltrends for a chance to win a prize!

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