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Trends With Benefits

Feb 24, 2017

5G Networks coming soon; iPhone 8 3D Selfie-camera;Exoskeletons for home use; VR gaming arenas and Titanic experience; Apple Car images; Case of Bass

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Ezra Cimino-Hurt, Rick Stella, Holly Smith and Greg Nibler.

  • 5G Networks enter testing phase: Verizon will begin rolling out 5G service to 11 cities by mid-year, while AT&T reported 14Gbps speeds in it's early testing. Some are even up to 35Gbps! Could this be enough to fully cut ties to standard internet and go completely cellular?

  • iPhone 8 rumors of 3D selfie camera: The rumor mill is always churning for the next iPhone and we have a couple of potential highlights for the next version. In addition to wireless charging, the rumor is that it will be equipped with a 3D selfie camera. We explore what other uses this could have for consumers.

  • Exoskeletons are closer to reality: Roam Robotics from San Francisco believes they will have consumer exoskeleton devices available commercially, by 2018. This technology could revolutionize daily life. What would you use an exoskeleton for?

  • Experiencing VR in new ways: A company called OptiTrack has developed a way to use VR in a multifaceted arena-type setting. This could mean for more interactive gaming with other people. Another company is developing a VR 'game' where one experiences the sinking of the Titanic. Would you want to try it?

  • Apple Car based on Apple Products: It's looking more and more likely (although not confirmed) that Apple will someday debut an Apple car. We now have some concept art pieces of what it may look like. An iMac on wheels?

  • Case of Bass: Our special guest today was Ezra Cimino-Hurt, founder of Case of Bass! Ezra is an accomplished VR Game record holder and an all around great guy. Check out his incredible speakers at


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