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Trends With Benefits

Feb 10, 2017

Is Apple creating a $1000 iPhone X; Amazon Go store run by robots; Zoom and Enhance an 8 x 8 image; Sending superbugs to space.

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Adrien Warner, Rick Stella, Brandon Widder and Greg Nibler.

  • Is Apple creating a $1000 iPhone X?: Apple is planning a major update to the iPhone for its 10th anniversary edition, and there may be a major price increase as well. Will the iPhone 8, iPhone X, or whatever they call it be priced above $1000?

  • Amazon Store run by Robots: Amazon already has one of their "Go" grocery stores open as a trial. It looks like the stores could soon be coming to a location near you and the employees will largely be robots. Will the robots bag the groceries for you?

  • Zoom and Enhance an 8 x 8 pixel image: Google has found another way to utilize it's AI technology. The folks at the Google Brain division are using a pair of neural networks to enhance an 8 x 8 pixel image. The AI then creates an approximation of what it thinks the original image was. Beyond criminology, what else could the SciFi-like technology be used for?

  • Sending superbugs to space: SpaceX is sending a dangerous package to the International Space Station (ISS) in the form of a pathogen. The MRSA virus will be studied in a contained environment to see how it mutates in zero-gravity. It could lead to some great advancements in fighting the infection...or it's the start of a new horror movie.


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