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Trends With Benefits

Feb 3, 2017

Hater dating app; Snapchat AR; In-person with Hyperloop; Boston Dynamics 'Nightmare' Robot; Dominos Facebook bot

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Holly Smith, Rick Stella, Caleb Denison, 'Conspiracy' Dan Gaul and Greg Nibler.

  • Haters gonna date: A new dating app has been created that goes against the trend of most apps in the genre. Instead of matching people up based on things they like, it selects someone that also hates the same things as you.

  • Snapchat adds more AR: Snapchat is adding more capability to the popular Lenses filter. Using Augmented Reality, it will be able to recognize and interact with real world objects and “identify environmental elements”. What could this mean for the future of interactive social media apps?

  • Hyperloop contest: Rick Stella recently traveled to Los Angeles for an event on the Space X campus. Teams from across the planet gathered to test their latest generation Hyperloop pods in a mile long tunnel. Elon Musk was on hand and Rick let's us know what he's like in person!

  • Boston Dynamics and the nightmare robot: A video was leaked this week, showcasing another incredible robot from Boston Dynamics. It is called “Handle” and runs on self-balancing wheels, instead of mechanical legs. It's definitely reminiscent of Skynet, but what are the practical applications?

  • Order pizza on Facebook: Dominos has announced you can now order their full menu, via it's Facebook messenger bot. The convenience factor is undeniably cool, but are you ready to have the power to order pizza so easily?


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