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Trends With Benefits

Jan 20, 2017

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Caleb Denison, Drew Prindle, Holly Smith and Greg Nibler.

This week we take a look at what stood out at CES and what that could mean for tech trends in 2017:

  • Drew the DT Cyborg: At CES 2017, DT's Drew Prindle went above and beyond what most of us would do. Live from our coverage, he had two different chips implanted in his hand! Today we'll follow up and tell you what they do, if they are actually working and maybe he can explain why he did it.

  • OLED Wallpaper TV is a reality: Ever since the dawn of flat screens, we've been waiting for that ultimate, thin, paper-like television. It's now as close to reality as it's ever been, with LG's Wallpaper Television and Caleb let's us know how it all works.

  • Amazon's Alexa is taking over: One of the overriding themes at CES 2017 was the proliferation of Amazon's AI platform, of Alexa. No matter what the product, it seems that everyone was trying to figure how to incorporate it. We discuss what that means for this coming year and whether Google Home will be able to take over the ground that Alexa has gained.

  • Will you own a self-driving car this year?: It seems that self-driving cars are inevitably going to be widely available at some point in the near future. A recent survey stated that Americans may be wary of this new technology. How do you feel about it and are you ready to purchase one?

  • What tech are you most excited about this year? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to email podcast@digitaltrends at any time.

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