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Trends With Benefits

Dec 2, 2016

Netflix Downloads, Apple Drones, iPhone 8 Rumors, OLED fabric, Nike HyperAdapt self-tying shoes.

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Holly Smith, Caleb Denison, Drew Prindle and Greg Nibler.

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Our topics this week:

  • Netflix Downloads: Netflix has made no secret about it's desire to dominate the world's online entertainment market. This week they announced the ability to download their content to watch offline. Should we expect another big announcement from them soon?

  • Apple Drones: In an effort to get a leg up on Google, Apple may be launching their own drones over crowded roadways. The drones will relay construction information, read street signs and more. What's next in the battle for map supremacy?

  • iPhone 8 rumors abound: Apple appears to be gearing up to make big changes with the next iPhone and we discuss the newest rumors in this semi-regular show topic. OLED screens, wireless charging, the absence of any ports? What would you like to see in the next generation?

  • OLED fabric: Two research teams in Korea, KAIST and Kolon Glotech have reportedly developed a fabric that will work with OLED technology. While this could be amazing for wearable tech, would you be interested in becoming a walking television? 
  • Nike self-tying shoe: The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 "E.A.R.L." shoes are now on sale in New York. There are inspired by Marty McFly and are a mere $720 a pair. Will you be picking up a pair?

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