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Trends With Benefits

Nov 4, 2016

Uber upgrades their app to be an 'Entertainment Portal'; Google's Tango Augmented Reality gets a phone; Orbi Prime 4K sunglasses; Amazon Police Drones.

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Rick Stella, Holly Smith, Drew Prindle and Greg Nibler.

Our topics this week:

  • Uber app gets an upgrade: Uber has constantly been expanding their options for travel, but now the company wants to be known for more. Their new upgrade has some valuable additions, but also plans to include a Yelp section and even an Uber Snapchat filter. Is it becoming too much? (Be sure to stick around for Drew's pitch for the all new "Druber" service.)

  • Google's Tango Augmented Reality: While Pokemon Go may have brought the concept of AR to the masses, Google plans to take it to the next level. The Tango platform looks to be the start of an Augmented Reality revolution.

  • Orbi Prime 4K Sunglasses: A new product launching on Indiegogo appears has taken the concept of Google Glass and turned into more of a GoPro. The Sunglasses are designed to shoot 4K 360 Degree video and provide up to 90 minutes of recording per charge.

  • Amazon Police Drone Concept: Amazon has made no secret of their desire to have drones on virtually every telephone poll. Now they have received a patent for a tiny 'Assistant Drone' that would dock on the shoulders of Police Officers and help them in the line of duty. One question; do they get to name them?

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