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Trends With Benefits

Sep 16, 2016

Uber takes autonomous cars to the streets of Pittsburgh; Apple and Samsung deal with differing phone release woes; Futuretown's Totalmotion VR interface aims to up the game; The Dutch release trained Eagles upon unsuspecting Drones; LinkNYC shuts down as New Yorkers prove we can't have nice things.

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Jack Phan, Nick Mokey, Rick Stella and Greg Nibler.

Our topics this week:

  • Uber takes the next step to driverless-cars: Riders in Pittsburgh can now officially get a free lift in a self-driving vehicle. Uber has released a handful of the cars around the city, in a step toward eventually developing a whole fleet of 24-hour a day, autonomous taxis.

  • Apple and Samsung deal with phone fiascos: In addition to iOS 10 issues, Apple's iPhone release has not gone off without a hitch, as it appears no stores will have the iPhone 7 Plus in stock for quite some time. Samsung on the other hand has just been forced to issue a 100% recall on all of the Galaxy Note 7's, whether they have exploded or not. How will this effect sales for each?
  • Totalmotion aims to bring VR to Arcades: A company called Futuretown has come up with a unique concept (albeit a bizarre video) to help revolutionize Virtual Reality gaming. They are hoping to bring their modular platform to theme parks and stand-a-lone VR attractions. It looks like it may be fun, but would you want anyone to see you "riding" it?
  • Dutch used trained Eagles to intercept DronesThe struggle for security agencies to regulate drones has so far spawned some interesting attempted solutions, including ray-guns and interceptor drones. The Dutch have implemented theirs, which is to use highly trained Eagles to intercept and incapacitate the violating machines!
  • LinkNYC shows why we can't have nice things: LinkNYC was designed to provide free internet kiosks to New Yorkers, allowing them to save on data plans, recharge their phones, etc. However, it was recently shut down after they essentially became hubs for watching porn, instead. What does this say about the future of free internet?

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