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Trends With Benefits

Jul 29, 2016

Topics: Apple invests in AR, Updated Playstation and XBox, Flyboard Air goes military, Solar Impulse 2 goes around the world.

The huge success of Pokémon Go appears to be kickstarting Apple's foray into Augmented Reality. With the new iPhone 7 coming out on September 12th and a billion devices already in possession of potential AR fans, the company is set to rake in huge profits. Tim Cook announced that a whole department of Apple will be opened up for just this segment alone. We discuss whether Apple will be the company to lead further development in AR technology for the masses.

With Apple's success in coming out with a new "must have" product every couple of years, we turn to an op-ed written for DT about the advancement of gaming consoles. It appears that Sony and Microsoft may be looking at that model for  Playstation and XBox. With adequate backward-compatibility we could see newer updated consoles hitting the shelves rapidly. Would you be willing to purchase a new system in that short of a time span, to keep up with the latest gaming technology?

Zapata Racing became a topic of hot debate a couple of months ago, when they released a video of their Flyboard Air hoverboard. They proved to be legitimate, by setting a Guinness World Record for longest distance traveled. Now, they have been acquired by a military technology company, called Implant Sciences. They claim they will be working on jetbikes, floating rescue stations, scaffolding and unmanned heavy payload drones. While at best this seems very ambitious, is this just another instance of a company blowing smoke? In reality, how possible is it to even create something of this magnitude?

Finally, a milestone was reached in solar-powered flight this week and it doesn't seem to be getting very much attention. The Solar Impulse 2 flew completely around the world (in segments) without the use of any fuel, other than what the sun provided. Conceptually this is a monumental accomplishment. However, with the rapid advancement of so much technology in the last couple of years, are we reaching a point where this just doesn't have a big enough "wow" factor to garner interest? Are we becoming tech-jaded?

Today's episode features Brad Bourque, Drew Prindle, Caleb Denison and Greg Nibler.

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