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Trends With Benefits

Jul 8, 2016

Topics: Pokemon Go, Tesla Autopilot issues, digitally growing drones, VR porn festival, VR at the Olympics, K5 Security Robot.

We start the show off today, with Brad explaining his new fascination with new mobile game, Pokemon Go. While many of us have not actually played Pokemon before, he makes a good case for downloading the new game.

Tesla has been in the news a lot in the last couple of months, regarding the Autopilot feature on their vehicles. With accidents involving both their Model S and the Model X, there have been questions regarding the safety of the feature. An update is on the way for Model S. The bigger questions surrounding Autopilot, are how it is going to effect our driving habits and all around lifestyles as it becomes more ingrained in vehicles. Statistically it's safer, but do you trust it enough to use regularly? Also, how will it effect our economy? There is a great article on Digital Trends about just this and we dig into some of these questions.

Researchers at BAE Systems and the University of Glasgow are currently at work on a novel way to create and manipulate drones. While it sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, they believe they'll some day be able to "grow" drones using digitally controlled chemistry and 3D printing. It sounds a little ridiculous, but the implications are pretty incredible. We highly suggest you check out their video here.

In what had to be inevitable, a VR porn festival popped up in Japan recently. The festival was shut down pretty quickly by authorities, for exceeding capacity! Obviously the porn industry will have a big presence in Virtual Reality going forward.  However, would you want to stand in a sweaty, crowded room, bumping into other people waiting for their turn to "try" it out?

VR is also going to be used in the upcoming Olympics in Brazil. While the country itself is appearing to be woefully unprepared for the start, the idea of VR in sports is rapidly advancing. NBC has announced it will have up to 85 hours of VR content available for the Samsung Gear VR. What kind of events would you be interested in watching, in VR?

Security Guards may soon be joined by robot assistants, if the company Knightscope has it's way. Their K5 security robot comes in at 300 pounds and they are currently patrolling the Stanford Shopping Center. It's equipped with thermal imaging; two way audio; license plate recognition and even people detection. Clearly, this is the start of the robot revolution. Don't trust Brad, when it happens.


Today's episode features Nick Mokey, Brad Bourque, Rick Stella and Greg Nibler.

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