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Trends With Benefits

Jun 17, 2016

Topics: E3 recap, Amazon Alexa, Drone deliveries, Elon Musk Mars Cargo, Mars Posters.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was this week and we have DT's Computing Editor, Matt Smith, to give us the breakdown. Xbox made a big splash with their plan to make games work cross-platform, between PC and the Console. The plan is that games will only have to be purchased once, which will be a huge bonus for Gamers.

Playstation also gave word that their new VR set for the PS4 will be available in October. The early reports are that it isn't really impressing a lot of people. The lower price point will definitely be a bonus however, allowing an easier VR entry point. In addition, they have partnered with Star Wars for a number of new games, which will surely be a big draw.

Traditionally, the biggest thing at E3 is the announcement of new games and this one does not disappoint. Included was Nintendo, which introduced a new version of Zelda. This new take on the game will allow for an open world and more interactive play. Overall, it seems like they have done a great job of bringing the classic franchise into the modern age of gaming.

Amazon has been receiving great reviews for the Alexa voice assistant and they have a lot of plans to evolve it's emerging AI. According to the MIT Technology Review, they are exploring ways to allow Alexa to better understand the emotions of it's Owners. If successful, this is a huge advancement that could drastically change Home Technology. Could this be the start of everyone having their own personal J.A.R.V.I.S., ala Tony Stark?

Starship Technologies is a company created by two former Skype co-founders and they have come up with a concept for ground-based drone deliveries. Drew had some hands-on experience with it and let us know about how it works. Essentially it's a cooler on wheels, designed for city deliveries of goods, using sidewalks. The biggest question is whether, or not, the drone would be secure.

Drew then also filled us in on the backlash that is out there, regarding drones. There was a commenter on his article who started a Facebook Page called Throw Stones At Drones! While we don't advocate this tactic, we can assure you the comments are worth checking it out.

Elon Musk announced yet another ambitious plan. This time, he wants to establish a steady cargo route between Earth and Mars. The freight path is planned to start within 2 years, allowing for a far cheaper way to get supplies to the Red Planet. The cargo would leave every 26 months, to take advantage of the shortest distance.

Finally, NASA is already planning for the colonization of Mars and even came up with some images designed to encourage employment for future explorers. While clearly designed tongue-in-cheek, they are very well done. They look like some kind of Sci-Fi propaganda and you can even print them out for at-home posters!


Today's episode features Rick Stella, Drew Prindle, Matt Smith and Greg Nibler.

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