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Trends With Benefits

Jun 3, 2016

On this episode we are joined by comedian Gabe Dinger, discussing Bridgetown Comedy Festival, VR Cinemas, Facebook AI Moderating, Texting Traffic Signals, Elon Musk things we're in a Video Game.

We had a special guest on today's show with comedian Gabe Dinger. Gabe is part of the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, which is happening right now in Portland. Listening to this show will make it clear, that Gabe has most definitely found his calling in life!

Reportedly the World's first VR Cinema has opened up in Germany. It's essentially a room full of comfortable-looking chairs, where you put on the VR equipment and headphones and then enjoy a solo performance of the 3 offered movies. Would you actually want to watch a movie in such a place? 

Facebook recently announced that they are increasingly using AI systems to flag offensive content on their platform. The over 100,000 people employed world-wide to scan for obscenities, are starting to suffer symptoms similar to PTSD. While this new system would definitely help them, we discuss the importance of making sure we know who is in charge of their algorithms. 

Walking and texting is a societal issue that we all witness, every day. First Germany and now New South Wales in Australia, have begun plans for ground level traffic lights to alert inattentive texters. Should taxpayers be paying for people who refuse to look up, or should natural selection take it's course? (of note, I'm one of those people that walks and texts too much!)

Finally, Elon Musk has once again blew the minds of people far and wide, with a statement he made at Recode's Code Conference. He believes that we are almost certainly living inside an advanced civilizations video game. For real. We'll let that sink in....

Today's episode features Marie Pardo-Garber, Rick Stella, Drew Prindle and Greg Nibler.

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