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Trends With Benefits

May 20, 2016

On this episode we discuss Case of Bass, Green Century Electronic Recycling, Google I/O and Smart Contact Lenses.

On this episode we are joined by tech innovators Ezra Cimino-Hurt, of the company Case of Bass and Chris Regis of Green Century Electronics Recycling. Ezra has created an amazing combination of tech and art, by turning old luggage, into cool retro-inspired Boomboxes. Chris and Ezra talk about the origins of Case of Bass and how much work it took to create a quality product that not only looks good, but functions well. You can also check out Ezra in his DT Innovators and Essentials Video Series.

From there, we discuss the state of Tidal, the Jay-Z founded streaming music service. There was a lot of hype when it first started, from the star power backing it, to the idea of higher quality audio. With competition from Spotify and so many other services (in addition to the consistent firing of executives), we talk about how it's holding up.

The Google I/O Developer Conference is in full effect this week, as they announce new services and apps. One of their focal points has been the addition of new chat applications. They will now have 6 different way to chat and they seem to be very redundant services. 

Duo is one of their most interesting additions, being a one-to-one video chat service. It's designed to bring video chat to virtually all smartphones. However, it's most interesting feature is that it will allow the call recipient to see live video of the caller, before they answer. This could bring on a whole new level for receiving unwanted "Chat Roulette-like" prank calls....

Google also announced the addition of a new VR platform that will be entrenched in their new Android N update. Day Dream is the successor to Google Cardboard and will provide fierce competition to established VR providers like Oculus.

Surprisingly, one group that has voiced concern about the proliferation of VR, is the porn industry. There are some that believe Virtual Reality could lead to the end for traditional, multi-camera productions. The industry truly has contributed to the innovation and advancement of technology, in part because of the fact that everyone consumes their "product". We discuss what their concerns are and whether there really is a threat to traditional productions.

Finally, in what seems like a Sci-Fi story come-to-life, Sony has announced plans for a "smart" contact lens. The lens would allow you to take video, enhance eye sight and basically turn humans into cyborgs. If people were concerned about Google Glass, how are they going to react to this!?

Today's episode features Ezra Cimino-Hurt, Chris Regis, Caleb Denison and Greg Nibler.

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