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Trends With Benefits

Jan 29, 2016

On this episode we discuss KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show), the Google Drone delivery program and Pepper the Sales Robot.

While it's initials of KBIS look like it should be a Baltimore radio station, the Kitchen Bath and Industry Show is a huge event that takes place every year in Las Vegas. Jenny McGrath and Nick Mokey attended the show last week and let us know about some of the interesting products they came across.

Kohler is one of the big companies displaying faucets but, like CES, a lot of companies display their cutting edge products. From Bear-proof glass by NanaWall (good if you live in Alaska or Siberia?) to glow-in-the-dark toilets, it's definitely a unique show. 

Nick and Jenny both came away impressed with the GE's $10k  Monogram Pizza Oven. It gets up to 800 degrees and according to admitted pizza-snob  Nick, it is very impressive. We also get an education in pizza styles, learning that Detroit has it's own style of pizza called "Buddy's".

Switching to more conventional tech, Caleb let us know about the latest development for home theater enthusiasts, Ultra HD Blu-ray. The new players from Samsung and Phillips will be out in March and it's poised to be the best picture you can get. While the upsides are obvious, it is worth making the switch?

We've heard about Amazon's impending drone home delivery system and it appears Google is jumping into the game. Their drone will meet the delivery drone and then store your package in a secure area. It seems like a lot of drone on drone action but, if it prevents thievery, it may actually be valuable.

Finally, a theme for 2016 seems to be the fact that robots will soon be taking all of our jobs. Japanese company SoftBank is at the forefront of this movement, with Pepper. It looks like it's designed by Pixar, but Pepper is a high-tech piece of machinery. They are opening a store for a limited time, where Pepper will become a "salesperson" and sell smart phones. 


Today's episode features Jenny McGrath, Nick Mokey, Caleb Denison and Greg Nibler.

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