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Trends With Benefits

May 29, 2015

The best new technology from Google I/O this year is centered around imagery. The new Google Photos shows that Google is set up to take in and store all the data in the world. Photos promises to store unlimited photos and video in the cloud, for free. It's not tied to Google+ any more, so it's private... sort of. Ask Conspiracy Dan, and you'll get an answer with mentions of the NSA. Google Jump promises 3D 360 Video for the masses,

Nearly 1 billion people on this planes still don't have electricity, which means they live in the equivalent od 1890. The Gravity Light is the most simple and obvious invention that everyone will say they should've thought of. It uses a bag of rocks, pulley system, and LED light to harness gravity as an energy source. You do the math, it's simple and revolutionary.

The latest marketing concept from Pizza Hut is a sad turn in the fast food tech wars. The Pizza Projector Box is just that, a pizza box that can be used as a projector. The grease-meat consumer attaches a special lens to their smartphone screen and places it in the box. That projects the screen image onto a wall, greasy fingerprints and all.


Today's guests are: Nick Mokey, Jeffrey Van Camp, Dan Gaul, Drew Prindle with host Greg Nibler