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Trends With Benefits

May 1, 2015

Over the past year the DT Cars staff drove every new car and truck worth the steel it's made of. Then we brought the top 12 cars to Palm Springs, drove them some more, and voted on the Digital Trends 2015 Car of the Year awards. Behind the scenes it was a blur of shiny paint, carbon fiber, and windy mountain roads that led us to the truth. 

Problems with The Apple Watch and it's 'Taptic' engine delayed production this week. Inksters also discovered that the watch's sensors can't read through tattoos. 

The latest stab at at augmented reality claims to be able to read people's emotions. So all members will get a free pair of Microsoft's HoloLens. And pornhub subscribers... well, we wont go there.

Technology finally cracked the Master Lock. Now the inside of a high school locker is open to anyone with a smartphone and a few mischievous minutes to kill. Or you could just get some bolt cutters. 

This episode of Trends with Benefits features managing editor Nick Mokey, automotive editor Nick Jaynes, and A/V editor Caleb Denison. Hosted by Greg Nibler