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Trends With Benefits

Mar 20, 2015

In this week's episode, Caleb Denison, Ryan Waniata, Drew Prindle, and Nick Jaynes join host Greg Nimbler to discuss the week's hottest tech topics. That was the plan anyway, until the whole thing was derailed over ... get this ... toilet paper.

nineteenth century patent indicates the inventor of the TP roll sides with under in the over/under debate. Our group of tech experts begs to differ ... emphatically. Except Greg, who's just plain wrong.

Nick teases Caleb over his constant use of 90's slang, even though 90's slang is the bomb.

Sony Playstaion Vue rolled out this week in 3 cities, and we clown the service because it costs $50 to $80 a month. With Vue, Sony aims to compete with cable companies by delivering cable TV over the Internet, but without any real cost savings and no ESPN, what's the point?

Join us in bidding Internet Explorer goodbye, as we learn the browser will not be part of Windows 10. Spoiler alert: None of us is sad about it.

Elon Musk thinks driving will someday become illegal. Maybe in San Francisco, but not in Dallas, or Russia. Delphi's planned autonomous cross country trip could(n't) be a milestone toward this.

Superfast 3D printing is a reality now thanks to a totally cool (and kind of creepy) new 3D printer that looks like it comes straight out of Terminator.

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