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Trends With Benefits

Mar 6, 2015

Will the Apple Watch flop or fly? The staff of Digital Trends debate the merits of Apple’s upcoming, highly contested smartwatch. From the good (“I can keep my phone in my pocket while I’m talking to people.”) to the bad (“You’ll forget to charge it because you’re an irresponsible idiot.”) we talk through the merits and pitfalls of this contentious release, and Apple in general. Does Cupertino still have it? Ian suddenly seems unconvinced.

Meanwhile, HBO Go is headed to your smart TV for $15 a month, but is that actually a good deal? Game of Thrones fans won’t bat an eyelid, but toss in $8 a month for Netflix, $8 a month for Hulu, $20 a month for Dish Sling TV, and the cable subscriptions we’re abandoning aren’t looking so bad after all.

In other news, France has a solution for a problem Caleb isn’t sure actually exists: short-lived appliances. And Elon Musk’s Hyperloop is edging closer to reality. Scary? Yup, but pretty much anything seems better than getting a plane. Caleb wants to ride it before he dies, but after revealing his speed fetish, none of the editors are in a hurry to climb into a tube with him.

We also answer another reader question! Dan’s answer: “Why don’t you get a magnetic pole and just stick it down there?”