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Trends With Benefits

Apr 8, 2016

On this episode we discuss the Panama Papers, Underground Hacker Market, HTC Vive, Nvidia AI & Star Wars Rogue One.

This episode starts off with the very hot topic of Hot Pockets. Most people don't like to admit they eat them, but we all have our favorite ones. After this "highly tech" discussion, we launch into the rest of this weeks topics.

One of the biggest stories has to do with yet another data leak. The "Panama Papers", as they are being called, are a series of emails and documents that have been released detailing the secret bank activities of the extremely rich. Lionel Messi, the PM of Iceland, close friends of Putin and many others are being caught up in the scandal. We provide a brief summation of what the Panama Papers are, what's happened so far and the recent news of how it supposedly happened.

The entire thing is ripe to become a major Hollywood movie. Based on pure speculation, we also discuss who the likely stars are for such a film and what it should be named. We tried to come up with a better name than Panama Papers, please leave yours in the comments below.

The Dark Web/Dark Net/Deep Web, whatever you'd like to call it, is a mysterious place of illegal activity. Most of us have never been to it, but Dell's SecureWorks went there for us. They published their annual Underground Hacker Market report which reveals the prices for services offered in these unseen areas of the web. Everything is for sale, from hacking a Gmail account, to a US Passport.

The Apple vs. FBI fight seemed to have died down after the FBI claimed to have found a service to hack the iPhone. What's actually been revealed is that they really could only hack the iPhone 5c and a limited number of other types. The question is what, if anything, did they find?

HTC Vive is taking the marketplace by storm and they are now doing something we predicted on this show. In a limited number of Microsoft stores and GameStop locations, they will be setting up demos for the public to try out the devices. This is imperative for the product to grow, simply because it's so difficult to describe until you experience it.

Matt Smith, Computing Editor for Digital Trends, broke down the latest announcement from Nvidia. Their new AI brain has eight Pascal GPUS, 7TB of Solid State Memory and needs 3200 Watts. What does that mean? It's a huge advancement for Artificial Intelligence and could be the kind of thing that changes the way we live. Also, it could probably order Hot Pockets for you.

3D Printers are becoming more prevalent in homes and MIT has pushed the abilities of the technology further. Their Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab has developed a process called "printable hydraulics". One example they are showcasing is the ability to print a fully functional robot in a single print.

Finally, the most viral video of the day, is the new trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One. The movie seems like they are taking the series to a little bit of a darker story line than previous episodes. Caleb also gives us his thoughts on Ewoks and reveals a shocking and jarring story about "Yub Yub" from his youth.

Today's episode features Matt Smith, Rick Stella, Caleb Denison and Greg Nibler.

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