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Trends With Benefits

Nov 25, 2015

On this episode we discuss Black Friday deals, drone regulations, Star Wars/Google and Amazon lands a rocket.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here and Digital Trends has covered all the great deals. We get into a few of them and ask the all important question: Are you willing to go out and shop in the madness?

The price on drones has come down and looks to be one of the biggest "toys" for sale this year.  That's right. Kids are going to be drone owners. What does this mean for the rest of humanity? Also, why do kids seem to have the greatest toys now?

 The FAA special task force has just announced new set of recommendations on how to create a drone registry. In addition to assigning an actual drone number, they may require an educational segment to the registration.

Star Wars has teamed up with Google for a massive crossover. Once again, Star Wars has found a way to invade every aspect of our lives. Pete goes into more detail on how the deal actually works and who is likely paying who, in this massive marketing outreach.

Finally, there was a surprise development on the front of landing a reusable rocket. The surprise was that Elon Musk, Paul Allen and Richard Branson were not involved. Instead, it was a fellow Billionaire, in Jeff Bezos of Amazon. Blue Origin successfully landed the rocket and then Bezos sent out his first ever tweet to announce it.

Today's episode features Marie Pardo-Garber, Pete Jacobs, Nick Mokey, Ryan Waniata and Greg Nibler.

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