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Trends With Benefits

Nov 13, 2015

Today we cover a variety of topics, including T-Mobile's Binge On, YouTube Music, internet privacy and wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

What is like to attend a T-Mobile Press Conference? We find out today from Nick Mokey, as he was at the Binge On announcement earlier this week. Binge On will allow you to stream a number of content providers without it effecting your data cap. It appears to be a bonus for consumers, but it has some Net Neutrality advocates very concerned about the move.

Comcast seems to be going in the opposite direction with the slow roll out of data caps on "unlimited" accounts, starting in Tennessee. They are positioning it as a way to protect customers, yet it potentially could cost existing customers an additional $35 per month. If you take a look at your current Comcast bill, it may already be on there and just not enacted...yet.

YouTube came out with their new YouTube Music app this week, as well. It seems like a good idea, but also something that should have existed years ago. How will they compete in the saturated streaming music market?

Windows 10 seems is frequently mentioned as an operating system that is constantly "spying" on you. The problem with that theory is that it's simply not true. As Brad stated in his article at, Microsoft is really not as sinister with data collection as they have been accused. There are other companies that are far more blatantly collecting information about your online habits.

Finally, a company has actually managed to bring wireless Bluetooth earbuds to market! Earin started off on Kickstarter and is now (possibly briefly) available at Best Buy. Caleb has a pair on hand and gives us a preview of his upcoming full review.


Today's episode features Brad Bourque, Nick Mokey, Caleb Denison and Greg Nibler.

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