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Trends With Benefits

Nov 6, 2015

Today we cover a variety of topics, ranging from home internet control, Reddit, bio-clothing, robots, to the "impossible" EmDrive.

Parents now have a new tool to control home internet usage with Circle with Disney. It's a little white box that works with your existing router and allows you to see everything that is happening on your home internet connection and control (or deny) usage for any device. They seem to have thought of everything and this could be a hugely successful device in the making.

Jumping to a typically "un-PC" website, Reddit has decided to get into the original content game. They are releasing a six-part documentary series on future tech, called Cyber Nation. There is a lot of debate about how good this will actually be and whether anyone outside of regular users will watch it.

How would you like your clothing covered with moisture-reactive "ancient" bacteria? MIT Media Lab's Tangible Media Group has pioneered some BioLogic research into just that. It's designed to be active wear and is another example of the fashion industry adopting tech.

Two former founders of Skype have started up a company called Starship Technologies that has nothing to do with Starships. What they do have is a plan to change household deliveries with a fleet of robots. They essentially look like coolers on wheels and they're launching next year.

Finally, in the biggest story of the week, we discuss the incredible and seemingly impossible EmDrive. It violates the laws of physics, yet it could provide limitless, propellant-less energy!

Today's episode features Caleb Denison, Rick Stella, Drew Prindle and Greg Nibler.

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